Emergency 911 Transport
When you dial 911, Erie County Department of Public Safety dispatch center will dispatch a Millcreek Paramedic Serivice Ambulance with a paramedic and EMT, along with your local fire department first responder.
Call 911 for any life threatening emergency, such as heart attack, severe fall, an automobile accident, an illness for example.  Calling 911 provides the fastest possible response from Emergency Personnel.

Non-Emergency Medical Transport
MPS provides medical transportation on a non-emergency basis.  This includes hospital to hospital, house to hospital, or hospitals to house.

Wheelchair Van
MPS maintains six wheelchair vans that are capable to transport, on a non-emergency basis, wheelchair bound patients to and from hospitals, clinics, and home.

Medical Taxi Van
Medical Taxi service provides transportation of individuals that are ambulatory but cannont or choose not to drive for any reason.

EMS Stand-bys
MPS provides trained EMT and Paramedics for EMS Stand-bys at local events.  Some of these events include:  Events at Presque Isle State Park, working in conjunction with Millcreek Police SWAT team and Millcreek Township Schools sporting events.

The Education Department provides quality EMS training for Area Businesses and the General Public.